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    CodeStock is a two day event for technology and information exchange. Created by the community, for the community – this is not an industry trade show pushing the latest in marketing as technology, but a gathering of working professionals sharing knowledge and experience.

    Stay tuned to join us at CodeStock in 2015!!

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World class speakers

Last year we brought over 75 speakers to give presentations and hands-on courses on things like productivity, responsive web design, freelancing, AngularJS and more.

Gorgeous surroundings

Knoxville was voted one of the happiest cities to work in, and it's easy to see why. Get a grand view of downtown from the Sunsphere and recharge at one of our many food trucks and restaurants in between sessions.

Cutting-edge topics

This year we'll be exploring the concept of The Internet of Things. You may have heard this phrase tossed around, but we're going to go in-depth to figure out what it means for our industry and for the world.

Networking opportunities

CodeStock is a forum for web professionals to share their knowledge. You'll meet a great bunch of people. For the price of a couple of books, you can get in-depth advice from industry professionals.

Pick up new skills

Our speaker topics range from web design to freelancing tips, so no matter what you're interested in, you can find a session about it here. Every speaker is committed to sharing their craft.

What People Thought of CodeStock 2013
  • Just awesome - I met so many fascinating people! If you're wondering: yes, it's that good.

  • I couldn't stop myself from thinking, "Why does this ever have to end?"

  • I learned more in two days that I have in the past two years. Just amazing.

  • The keynote speaker was incredibly engaging and vivacious. I can't wait to go again.

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