Ticket Terms and Conditions

Ticket Purchases

All tickets must be purchased through the link on our website and are not available through any third party.

Early Bird Details

We are offering early bird tickets this year up until the 30 day window leading up to the event. Planning ahead helps us be more efficient and we are passing the savings on to you. Tickets will be available from April 6th until three days prior to the event at full price ($175).

Tickets will remain on sale until three days before the event or until sold out. After May 2, we can not guarantee a spot at the event.


We invest and plan the conference based on ticket purchases, to provide refunds would jeopardize our ability to cover the costs associated with the conference. Tickets are not refundable. 

If you are unable to attend, we would be happy to transfer you ticket to a friend, co-worker or acquaintance of your choice. Tickets may be transferred to someone via the Eventbrite ticketing system. For more information see the transfer ticket process on Eventbrite. http://help.eventbrite.com/customer/en_us/portal/articles/428584-transfer-tickets-to-someone-else  In the event that CodeStock sells out of tickets prior to the event, we would be happy to transfer your ticket to an prospective attendee on our waiting list.

Waiting List Policy

In the likely event that we will sell out of the 1,100 tickets we have set aside for this year's event, we will place interested parties on a waiting list in case a spare ticket becomes available. The waiting list will give priority in a first-come-first-serve order.


The conference may be photographed, recorded, or filmed, and photos or audio or video recordings of the conference may be broadcast or distributed during or after the conference. By buying a ticket to the conference or otherwise attending, you agree that: You consent to CodeStock Corporation, its representatives and employees photographing, filming, and/or sound recording you and/or your property in connection with the CodeStock conference, including as a speaker, panelist, questioner, or member of the audience;

You authorize CodeStock Corporation, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish any photos or audio or video recordings made in connection with the conference in print and/or electronically, including by live or delayed streaming of audio or video recordings;

You agree that CodeStock Corporation may use such photographs of you with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and electronic content; and You have read and understand these terms.

If you have any specific privacy concerns that may conflict with these terms, please contact a CodeStock representative before the conference.

By purchasing this ticket, I have read and understand the above.

Updated Feb 3, 2017

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